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December 9-13 Final Examinations

January 13, 2014: Spring Semester Begins

Lasher Lab

The Lasher Lab is located in room 015 in Lasher Hall. A resource for COMS majors and/or students enrolled in COMS classes, the lab has 15 computers - seven Macs and eight PCs - and two printers. 

For lab hours and scheduling, please visit the Lab Calendar

COMS in Action

Katherine Clausen is a rising sophomore studying communication in the Honors Tutorial College. She applies her knowledge, skills and abilities as a communication scholar in her numerous roles across campus. As a freshman, she quickly found that her passion lies in campus leadership. She served Student Senate as East Green Senator and the Read-Johnson Scholars Complex Hall Council as President. In addition, she was selected a finalist for the position of Student Trustee.

Katherine also recognizes the importance of a strong student voice, and has been involved with the Resident Life Commission, Culinary Services Development Committee, General Fee Committee and the Resident Hall Advisory Board.

She looks forward to the challenges of the coming year where she will serve as Student Senate’s Vice Commissioner for Government Affairs, a Student Ambassador for the Career and Leadership Development Center, and a Resident Assistant.

We applaud Katherine’s passion and drive for leadership that took root early in her academic career.

To learn more about Student Senate and their work, visit their webpage

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