Aaron Duncan

  LSHR 020
Email ad314608@ohio.edu

I was born in rural West Virginia, so southern Ohio is not a huge change of pace for me.  I was drawn to OU COMS because of the atmosphere among faculty and students, and the encouragement I received in the pursuit of my interests.  Having been on a 9 year school hiatus, I come from into the program from a unique angle.  

 I received an undergraduate degree in Theology and spent seven years working in ministry and supporting myself in the world of sales. This experience was exceptionally difficult because of the overlap of both personal identity as a salesman and as one who ministered.  I found incongruities that fueled my rhetorical curiosity.  How does one perform the act of the minister who serves and the role of a salesman?  This fragmentation of self and culture for the religious person is a prime site for the course of my scholarship.  

I see the value in the creation of a dialogue that otherwise would in no way occur.  As a scholar, I intend to continue to probe these rhetorical areas where identity and  community clash, and how the fragmentation of culture and context facilitates environments of unlikely dialogue.

Most joyfully, I am a father to two lovely boys, Luke 6 and Elias 3.  Fatherhood is my favorite life role.  I have been married to the wonderful Susan for 12 years now.  Ask me about my family.  They're wonderful.