Adriana Ángel

  LSHR 014

The complexity of a communication process is something that has always had a great impact on me: making yourself understood, convincing your audience, finding appropriate signs to express an idea, allowing the interlocutor to discover your intentions, reading adequately others’ reaction, just to mention few topics that I find fascinating. For that reason, all the professional studies I have carried out have been in the field of communication. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism from Universidad de Manizales (Colombia) and a Master’s degree in Educational Communication from Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (Colombia).
Colombian context has given me a particular scenario to research different problems related to relationships between the fields of journalism and politics. Consequently, my master’s thesis was a research about the rhetoric used by journalists and politicians during Colombian electoral campaign 2002-2006. I really want to continue studying language as the exercise of power through discourse. Because of this, I would like to pursue the Rhetoric and Public Culture track in my PhD at Ohio University.
I have been working as a lecturer and researcher within the Social Communication and Journalism School at the University of Manizales (an inner city at the Colombian Andes). I really love to do research. It is one of my passions, and I know at Ohio University I will have the most important opportunity to improve my research skills. Outside the world of academia, I like to read novels, not only universal literature, but also contemporary and local authors.