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Alternative Assignment

Students in COMS 1010, 1030, 1100, and 2020 must complete a research experience to earn 2% of their course grade. Students earn 0.5% by completing the prescreening questionnaire. The other 1.5% is earned through the completion of a research study or the alternative assignment. This page has information about the alternative assignment. Information about research participation can be obtained from the Research Participation section of the website.

Students who are not able (e.g., are 17 or younger) or do not wish to participate in the research study to which they are assigned, may complete the alternative assignment, which is a series of questions about a research article. The purpose of the summary is to demonstrate that the students have read and understood the research article.

Information for Students

You must turn your paper in to the researcher to whom you were assigned (i.e., not your instructor) by the study close date to receive the 1.5% credit. The study close date will be provided to you by the researcher for your study. If you were not assigned to a study, you must give your summary to the administrator (coms-research@ohio.edu) by December 6th for fall semester and April 26th for spring semester. 

To complete the alternative assignment, select one of the three journal articles below. Read it in its entirety and then complete the alternative assignment document (below). When you have completed the research article summary, e-mail it in to the researcher to whom you were assigned. The researcher will provide you with 1.5% course credit for the alternative assignment. Any summary that is entirely or partly copied word-for-word from a research article (or from another student) will not receive credit. This is plagiarism, which is a very serious academic offense. The researcher will check to make sure that your work is original.

Journal Articles (choose 1)

Alternative Assignment Document