Andrea Iaccheri

After graduating with my BA in Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in Acting and Scenic Design from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2000, I worked for a small number of local businesses as an Assistant to the President and Corporate Developer, an Administrative Assistant, and a Mortgage Loan Processor. I always knew I wanted to obtain my doctoral degree, but it was not until January of 2008, and the sobering realization that I was unhappy at my job, that I returned to UNOmaha to begin working on my master’s degree part time.

During my graduate studies at UNOmaha, my research was grounded in both qualitative methodology and critical theory. My areas of interest were in marital communication, specifically anger and destructive conflict patterns, Lacan, Burke, and text‐based mobile communication. My thesis, using a qualitative/critical design, focused on how married couples use and experience textbased mobile communication (aka mobiText) in marriage.

I have spent this past year as an adjunct instructor at University of Nebraska at Omaha and Iowa Western Community College teaching both Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. During this transition year, I have been able to expand my research interests to include Religious Rhetoric, Sports Rhetoric, Feminist Theory and Popular Culture. I am looking forward to continuing these new areas of interest this fall at OU.

When not being a student or instructor, I stay active and relieve stress by running. I train for marathons and half marathons by incorporating weight lifting, Yoga, and Zumba into my routine. I also love to cook, entertain, and spend time with my family when I have the opportunity. If you see me on the streets of Athens, honk and say hi…but please, don’t run me over!