Anna Wiederhold

Office:   Lasher 011
Office Phone:   740.593.4903


I received my B.A. in Political Science and Communication & Media Studies from Georgetown College. While at Georgetown, I had the opportunity to travel abroad to complete a term at Oxford University studying international normative theory. By coupling an organizational communication and media studies curriculum with advanced courses in international relations and political philosophy, I developed a deep curiosity towards the issues that characterize the contemporary political environment at local, national, and international levels.

As a doctoral student at Ohio University, my research has continued to be informed by my background in communication and politics. Broadly speaking, I study the ways in which people negotiate conflicting meanings attributed to the materiality of their existence. I am continually learning more about the ways that discursive and material aspects of bodies and buildings and streets and fields interact to create societies, as well as the challenges that citizens, community organizers, and political agents encounter in their efforts to construct particular publics. 

My personal interests in issues of gender, education, and community development have situated my research across a variety of contexts. Previous studies have explored anti-abortion and anti-war protest rhetoric, public deliberation in various contexts, and conflict in an elementary school classroom. What unites all of my academic pursuits is a belief that isolationism, if it were ever truly possible, seems more and more unviable in the interconnected world that we live in today. I strive, therefore, to better understand the ways that we communicatively construct a world with others.

My dissertation is a case study analysis of community organizing and economic redevelopment efforts in the small town of Wilmington, Ohio following the sudden loss of approximately 8,000 jobs in 2008. Through this study, I hope to offer insights valuable to community leaders facing similar crises in the face of the pressures of globalization and deindustrialization; but also, I hope to contribute to ongoing on-the-ground problem-solving in Wilmington through relationship-building, visioning, and collaborative analysis with active members of this community.

Outside of my academic interests, I enjoy all things outdoors (especially biking, hiking, and kayaking) and a few things indoors, such as painting, poker, and playing with my crazy cat Oliver.