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Azhanni Muhammad


That’s how we say ‘welcome,’ in my beautiful, multicultural country, Malaysia.

Hi! I am Azhanni and am currently exploring the area of  Organizational Communication. Prior to this doctoral program, I obtained my MSc in Corporate Communication, and B. Ed. (TESL) from Universiti Putra Malaysia. In between the two degrees and the doctoral program that I am currently pursuing, I have been serving the education arena in the areas of Business Communication, Managerial Communication, Corporate Communication, Public Speaking, English as a Second Language and Critical Thinking. I also had the opportunity to wear the Public Relations ‘hat’ for a year, but decided to switch back into the world of academia that I have fallen in love with. I love teaching!! It keeps me on my toes being around the students. Aditionally, I believe that I could make a difference to the future generation, especially in the sphere of Communication. That brings me to this vigorous doctoral program at Ohio University. And if you wonder why I chose Ohio University…obviously because it is one of the preeminent and finest a person can be in when it comes to this remarkable and intriguing discipline. You have to experience it to know more…

Have a nice day!