The School of Communication Studies at Ohio University is dedicated to two propositions:  (1) teaching and research are equal partners in the making of a distinguished program of faculty and students; (2) collegiality and rigor can be fostered such that one does not play off against the other.  The School supports collaborative work in support of these propositions--faculty in the School work closely with each other and with students, both on teaching and research. 

More detailed faculty profiles, including CV's and other information, can be found on individual faculty pages by clicking their names below.


Roger Aden (email)
LSHR 205 | 740-593-4822
Rhetoric and Popular Culture; Place and Space Theory
Benjamin R. Bates  (email)
LSHR 009 | 740-593-9163
Communication Health Campaigns and Messaging; Rhetoric of Health; Communication and International Health and Development
Austin Babrow  (email)
LSHR 107 | 740-597-2783
Health Communication; Communication Theory; Problematic Integration Theory (Communication and the interplay of uncertainties and values)
Christina S. Beck  (email)
LSHR 210 | 740-593-9167
Health and Media; Language and Social Interaction; Popular Culture and Fandom
William Benoit  (email)
LSHR 206 | 740-597-3328
Political Communication; Image Repair
Laura Black  (email)
LSHR 111 | 740-593-4690
Group Communication; Public Deliberation and Dialogue;  Discourse Analysis;
Michael Butterworth (email)
LSHR 102A | 740-593-9160 
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Democratic Theory, Cultural Studies, Communication and Sport
Amy E. Chadwick  (email)
LSHR 109 | 740-593-4821
Persuasion and Social Influence; Health Communication; Environmental Communication; Message Design; Emotion
Devika Chawla  (email)
LSHR 031 | 740-591-5733
Identity; Narrative and Performance Theory; Postcolonial and Transnational Studies; Ethnography
Yea-Wen Chen  (email)
LSHR 007 | 740-593-4837
Intercultural Communication; Intercultural Friendships; Identity-Based Nonprofit Organizing; Intersecting Cultural Identities; Critical Race Theory
Karen Deardorff (email)
LSHR 012 | 740-593-4826
Organizational Communication (Interviewing, Training and Development, Advanced Presentations, Event Planning); Health Communication
Claudia Hale  (email)
LSHR 203 | 740-593-4825
Interpersonal and Organizational Processes; Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution; Communication and Peace Building
Lynn Harter  (email)
LSHR 208 | 740-593-4830
Narrative Approaches to Health; Organizing for Social Change; Social Justice; Feminist Theory
Anita James  (email)
Communication Processes in Organizing; Training and Development; Survey Development
Judith Yaross Lee  (email)
LSHR 113 | 740-593-4844
Literary Rhetoric; American Humor; Media History and Theory; Narrative Theory; Graphic Narration
Carolyn Bailey Lewis   (email)
CTCL 306 | 740-593-0909
Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Autoethnography, Advocacy
Raymie McKerrow  (email)
LSHR 212 | 740-593-4843
19th-21st Century Rhetorical Theory; Argument Theory; Postmodernism
Jerry Miller  (email)
LSHR 202 | 740-593-4831
Political Advertising and Gender; Political Communication; Argumentation and Public Deliberation
Brittany Peterson  (email)
LSHR 008 | 740-593-4968
Organizational Communication; Membership; Socialization; Identification
Bill Rawlins  (email)
LSHR 215 | 740-593-4823
Interpersonal Communication; Friendship; Dialogue and Experience; Communication in Public and Private Relationships
Stephanie Robbins (email)
LSHR 006 | 740-593-0596
Interpersonal Communication; New Media
J.W. Smith (email)
LSHR 112 | 740-593-4838
Communication and Disability; African American Rhetoric
Charee Thompson (email)
LSHR 204 | 740-593-4840

Interpersonal Communication; Family; Health; Quantitative Methods; Emotions and Cognitions; Stress

Scott Titsworth  (email)
RTV 497 | 740-593-4884
Classroom Communication and Emotion; Student Learning; Discourses of Education; Quantitative Methods
Dan West  (email)
CTCL 315 | 740-593-9962

Debate and Forensics Pedagogy; Communication Pedagogy

Administrative Staff/Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Bianco (email)
GROS 308 | 740-593-9167

Social Medicine; Narratives of Health 

Pat Davidson (email)
LSHR 102 | 740-593-4832

Department Administrator; Budgeting; Faculty and Graduate Records; Operations

Erin Thompson (email)
LSHR 022 | 740-593-4842
Administrative Assistant; Student Records; Office Manager
Jacqueline Wolf (email)
GROS 302| 740-597-2777
Social Medicine; Women's and Children's Health