Graduate Students

In a typical year the School of Communication Studies has approximately 40 active, on-campus graduate students.  Of those, approximately 32 are funded as graduate assistants in the school; the remaining students are either funded through other assistantships on campus or have fellowships. Our graduate students are a very bright and divers group of scholars who, in many ways, serve as a foundation for much of what we do in the school.  We actively socialize and treat our graduate students as colleagues so that they feel prepared to enter tenure track jobs upon graduation.

Contact information for our graduate students is below.  If you click on a students' name you will be able to view their personal profile page.

Fall 2013 Cohort

Rebekah Crawford (email)
LSHR 007 | 740-593-9147 
Nicole Eugene (email)
LSHR 013 | 740-597-3019
Kevin Geiger (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147
Sean Gleason (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147 
Steven Granelli (email)
LSHR 005 | 740-593-9164 
 Popular Culture, Fandom, Rhetorical Analysis & Pedagogy 
Sarah Guthrie (email)
LSHR 014 | 740-597-3022 
Cory Paul Harrison (email)
CTCL 314 | 740-593-4836 
Mary C. Kennedy (email)
LSHR 007 | 740-593-9147 
Sidi Becar Meyara (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952 
Critical theory; Postmodernism; Transnationalism; Rhetoric; Postcolonial power.
Kristen Okamoto (email)
LSHR 035 | 740-593-4824 
Health, rhetoric, and critical studies; Examined relationship between sport, health, and marginalization.  
Sarah Parsloe (email)
LSHR 011 | 740-593-4903 
Alane Presswood (email)
CTCL 305 | 740-593-0795
Interpersonal communication; Impact of social media on disclosure and relationships; Rhetorical theory and criticism in advertising and public relations campaigns
Margaret Romoser (email)
CTCL 406 | 740-593-9129

Fall 2012 Cohort

Leah Cole  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952
Health Communication, Uses and Gratifications, Internet Communication
Justin Foote  (email)
CTCL 305 | 740-593-0795
Instructional Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Forensics 
Andrea Iaccheri  (email)
LSHR 035 | 740-593-9164
Critical Rhetoric, Health and Public Culture
Stevie Munz  (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147
Intercultural Communication, International Communication, Peace and Conflict
Peter Raposo  (email)
LSHR 013 | 740-597-3019
Instructional Communication, Religious Communication
Justin J Rudnick  (email)
CTCL 314 | 740-593-4836
Interpersonal Communication, Performance Studies, Gender/Sexuality in Communication
Jennifer Seifert  (email)
Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies
LSHR 035 | 740-438-8335
Technology, New Media, & Gender and Sexuality Studies
Valarie Bell Wright  (email)
CTCL 312| 740-593-9147
Interpersonal Communication, Health Communication, Social Networks

Fall 2011 Cohort

Jordan Compton  (email)
CTCL 314 | 740-593-4836

Political and sports communication, Image repair , Forensics pedagogy

Nancy Gomez  (email)
LSHR 035 | 740-593-4824

Communication and culture, Social justice, Polyphonic communication

Kevin J. Hales  (email)
LSHR 014 | 740-597-3022

Lowcountry Gullah and Geechee culture, epigraphy and semiotics in West Africa and Black representations in Western media

Dongjing Kang (email)
LSHR 020
| 740-593-2952

Organizational Communication, Critical/Cultural Studies

Jean Claude Kwitonda  (email)
LSHR 037 | 740-593-4833

Narrative theories, Discourse of health and healing, Cultural studies

Zhou Li  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952

Rhetorical Theory & Public Culture; Public spheres and counterpublics

Pornchanok (Porsche) Ruengvirayudh  (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147

Interpersonal communication between children and personal coaches as mind shapers, character developers, and life coaches

Maria Subert  (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147

Linguistic and imagined communities, Moral and ethical communication, Encountering and communicating with difference

Amanda Torrens  (email)
LSHR 013 | 740-597-3019

Communication within interpersonal relationships, specifically close friendships, Spiritual and religious communication, Personal narratives and other forms of ethnographic writing

Prosper Tsikata (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147



OU / BU Joint Ph.D. Program Students 2011-2012

Sawitree Cheevasart  (email)
LSHR 024 | 740-593-____

Organizational identification, new media technologies, student/faculty and faculty/faculty relationships

Benya Lertsuwan  (email)
LSHR 024 | 740-593-____

Public relations, political communication

Srinuan Limvarakul  (email)
LSHR 024 | 740-593-____

Strategic communication

Nantida Otakum  (email)
LSHR 024 | 740-593-___

Organizational identity and image management, interpersonal communication

Wuttichai Phaovanich  (email)
LSHR 013 | 740-597-3019

Discourse studies, cross-linguistics studies, pedagogical communication, intercultural communication, and communication research tools

Usa Silraungwilai  (email)
LSHR 024 | 740-593-____

Leadership, team effectiveness, problem solving, negotiation, coaching & counseling

Fall 2010 Cohort

Adil Al-Busaidi  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952

Organizational communication, Leadership, Conflict and communication, CMC, Intercultural communication

Aarti Arora  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-597-2952

Health Communication, Health awareness campaigns, Persuasive techniques and culture in creating awareness, Health Communication and race, Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Conflict and gender

Stellina Aubuchon  (email)
CTCL 406 | 740-593-9129

Health communication, Health message effects, Narrative and health

Michael Broderick  (email)
CTCL 312 | 740-593-9147

Communication and food studies, Environmental communication, Communication and development

Jessica Furgerson  (email)
 LSHR 035 | 740-593-4824

Gender and communication, Narrative, Forensics and competitive speaking

Timothy McKenna (email)
LSHR 211 | 740-743-6258

Organizational  communication; Interpersonal and relational communication; Gender identity and sexuality; Instructional communication, Qualitative methods.

Stephanie Ruhl  (email)
LSHR 211 | 740-593-4837

Communication in health organizations, Interpersonal communication, Crisis and risk communication

Nathaniel Simmons  (email)
LSHR 014 | 740-597-3022

Intercultural communication, Interpersonal communication, Health communication, Privacy management, International Populations & Health, Globalization, "Celebrity" Studies, Discourse Analysis, Critical Pedagogy

Samuel Venable  (email)
MCKEE 104 | 740-593-2206

Narrative construction formed through the use of new technology; privacy management and identity negotiation; organizational and interpersonal communication.


Fall 2009 Cohort

Tim Baird  (email)
LSHR 037 | 740-593-4833
Cross-Cultural Communication, International Communication
Adriana Ángel  (email)
LSHR 035 | 740-593-4824
Rhetoric and Popular Culture, Rhetoric and Social Construction of Reality, Collective Memory
Vicki Crooks  (email)
  CTCL 305 | 740-593-0795
Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Health Communication
Aaron Duncan  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952
Rhetoric and public culture, Religion, Aesthetics, Community and Identity
Kimberly Field Springer  (email)
Health communication, Persuasive messages, Health promotional campaigns, Women's studies
Moyi Jia  (email)
LSHR 005 | 740-593-9164
Organizational Communication, Emotions in Organizations, Training and Development, Research methods
Ran Ju  (email)
LSHR 014 | 740-597-3022
International communication, Intercultural communication,Organizational communication
Shannon Lawson  (email)
LSHR 020 | 740-593-2952
Rhetoric and Public Culture, Intercultural Communication,  Gender Studies, Visual Rhetoric
Mike Parsons  (email)
LSHR 035 | 740-593-4824
Computer-mediated communication, Quantitative Methods
Sarah Patten  (email)
LSHR 037 | 740-593-4833
Rhetoric and Public Culture, Intercultural Communication, Media Effects, Gender Studies
Steve Phalen  (email)
LSHR 011 | 740-593-4903
Non-Profit Organizing, Communication and Aesthetics, Ethnographic Methods
Katie Striley (email)
LSHR 035 | 740.593.4824
Exclusive and inclusive communication in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts; The creation, maintenance, and termination of systems of exclusion 
Anna Wiederhold (email)
LSHR 011 | 740.593.4903
Conflict and deliberation; Transorganizational communication; Public policy; Rhetorical theory of historical materialism

Fall 2008 Cohort

Jennifer Barber  (email)

Health Communication, Small Group Communicaiton
Erin Dame  (email)
LSHR 005 | 740-593-9164
Organizational Communication, Communication for Social Change, Alternative Organizing Theories
Angela Huffman  (email)
Relating and Organizing and Health Communication; Narrative Approaches to meaning making; and Participatory Methods
Mark Kokoska  (email)

Competitive Speech and Debate; Rhetoric and Public Culture; Interpersonal Communication
Jerimiah F. Morris (email)