Ideas for Enhancing your Graduate Experience

There are many different directions that you can go with a Ph.D. in Communication Studies.  In the School of Communication Studies, we believe that the best career and life path is one chosen by the student.

Alumni from the School of Communication Studies hold positions at research universities, small liberal arts colleges, community colleges.  They also enter into research institutes, government service, and non-profit organizations.

To help you prepare for the career and life path you are most interested in, we have tried to come with ways that you can enhance your graduate experience to prepare you for that path.  Although these ideas are not exhaustive, they can be a useful starting point.

I am interested in enhancing my teaching experience

I am interested in enhancing my research and creative activity experience

I am interested in enhancing my academic service record

I am interested in entering governmental or intergovernmental service

I am interested in working with non-profit organizations