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Would you like to hire an intern for a semester or during the summer? Do you have specific tasks that require the skills of a School of Communication Studies student, but you don't know how to go about making it happen?

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Project Materials

COMS Internships

If you are looking for a COMS internship or information about how to earn academic credit for a COMS internship, you have come to the right place. This page contains all of the links and resources you need to find and secure an internship during the academic year and receive academic credit for completing an internship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is COMS4910 or COMS4911/4912/4913 a course in which you give me an internship?

No. If you look at the guidelines, you will see that while the internship coordinator is willing to sit down with you to discuss various avenues for finding an internship, the coordinator's role is to help you register for the course so that you may earn credit for an internship that you have already secured. Thus, this internship course not like a traditional class that you attend two to three times a week. The project guidelines will be discussed when you sign up for the course and you are on your own until submitting your final project.

Where do I start in looking for internships?

Excellent question. First, I suggest scrolling down on this page to look at the listed exclusive internships and then check them out on the Scripps Internship Database. If none of these internships fits your needs, look at the Internship Resources at the top left-hand side of this page. I recommend starting with the Scripps Internship Database and working your way down (one of the most important things to consider first is the location of where you want to complete an internship). And finally, if you still have not found what you want, check the internship bulletin board outside of the computer lab for current internship offers. Or, even better, schedule a meeting with the internship coordinator to discuss other opportunities students have had during the last couple of years.

What do I do once I have accepted an internship and want to receive credit?

Congratulations! The hard part is over; Now we just need to figure out which class best meets your needs. Then, we need to get a little paperwork filled out. Once an internship has been secured it is best to schedule a meeting with the internship coordinator to plan your next steps.

What's the difference between COMS4910 and COMS4911/4912/4913?

Great question. There are three main differences. COMS4911/4912/4913 counts toward your major electives, is 3 credit hours, and requires a letter graded final project. COMS4910, on the other hand, counts toward graduation credits, can be 1-15 credit hours, and is a pass or fail grade. A maximum of 3 credits can be used toward fulfillment of your major electives. This can get confusing so if you have questions send the internship coordinator an e-mail or schedule a meeting.

My employer needs proof that I am receiving credit for my internship. What do I do?

This is easy. If you need proof that you are a student in the School of Communication Studies please send an e-mail to the internship coordinator with the following information and a letter will be submitted within 7 days: your name, COMS concentration (Health, Org, Public Advocacy), reason for letter, internship organization, whom the letter should be addressed to, mailing address, and how letter should be submitted (e-mail, fax, mail).

These are just a few of the more common questions. If you have a question and it was not answered in one of above FAQ's, feel free to contact the internship coordinator. We know this can be a complicated process and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Benefits of Internships

As it is obvious that you might be interested in finding an internship it is important to recognize the benefits of completing an internship as a college student in the School of Communication Studies.

(1) Internships provide you with experience in a field that you are interested in pursuing after graduation. This not only adds work experience to your resume, but also helps you start to figure out what you want to do after college. An internship provides you a chance to get your feet wet in what you think you might want to do for a career.

(2) Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring future employees. In essence, an internship may lead to your first job out of college. If you do a good job in your internship role, the organization might save a position for you upon graduation.

(3) The School of Communication Studies allows students who obtain internships meeting certain requirements to receive credit for their internship (internships must be approved before completion). This means that while getting experience in a field you are interested in, which may lead to a future job, you could also receive course credit. What's better than that?

While these three benefits are substantial, you may also gain the necessary skills and confidence needed to succeed in the work environment. Many students become more motivated and driven after the completion of an internship as they have a better sense of what they want to do after college. And finally, through an internship you are able to start building your professional network, which may be one of the most important components of an internship. Everyone you meet is a potential contact for advice and referrals once on the job market.

Exclusive Internships

We currently have several exclusive internships within the School of Communication Studies and the Scripps College of Communication. Below are links to the websites of these organizations. 

Always look out for updates and application deadlines in your e-mail as they are sent out on an as needed basis through the COMS_Undergraduate_Major Blackboard page.

Rural Action - an organization that builds model sustainable development projects and encourages a broad civic conversation around Appalachian Ohio’s assets in order to create sustainable development paths for the region currently offers internships in environmental communication, event planning, media management, and membership recruitment and marketing. 

Good Works, Inc. - is a COMMUNITY OF HOPE for those struggling with poverty in rural Appalachia. They provide biblical hospitality through The Timothy House (shelter for the rural homeless), The Hannah House (long term residential care-community), job experience programs, creative volunteer service opportunities and community development ministries. They currently offer internships focused on the Good Works Walk, one of the biggest fundraisers for the organization. 

Ohio University Human Resource Office - Currently offers internships to students willing to research and learn more about laws and practices related to labor negotiations and human resource activities. These internships are an ideal opportunity for COMS students interested in attending law school and/or working within an organization’s Human Relations department.

Ohio University Office of Sustainability - This office provides services and support to the campus community; advocates for innovation and research; and ensures fulfillment of institutional commitments to environmental, social, and economic well-being. They currently offer several internships every semester for students interested in becoming more engaged and sustainable citizens. 

Ohio University Alumni Association - The goals of the Alumni Association are to improve the alumni experience and keep alumni informed about the university. They currently offer several internships in regional programming, special events, and writing/editing.

The Athens Foundation -The foundation focuses on providing funding for education, health, social services, animal welfare, public affairs, recreation, the environment and arts, culture and humanities. They currently offer internships on an as needed basis, if interested visit the Scripps Internship Database for details on how to apply.

Salvation Army - Cincinnati - The Salvation Army in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offers emergency disaster relief, family services, outreach programs, visitation programs, child care services, youth programs, adult day services and a rehabilitation center, assisted housing facilities and holiday assistance for needy individuals and families. They currently offer an internship in donor relations and are always looking for additional interns around the holiday season.

It is important to note that these are just a few of the internships students complete each semester, and many more opportunities are available and updated regularly through the Scripps Internship Database. The database is also where students will find more information and application deadlines for the above internships. Or as always feel free to contact the internship coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Internship Scholarships

Two different internship scholarships are offered annually to students in the School of Communication Studies. 


The Scripps Howard Foundation’s Internship & Scholarship Program offers 37 partner schools the opportunity to select students to receive a $3,000.00 internship stipend and $500.00 follow-up scholarship, providing certain criteria are met. Ohio University has been granted 5 scholarships - one for each of the 5 schools in the Scripps College of Communication. If you have an internship for Spring or Summer and would like to apply for this scholarship to help support your expenses, please visit the COMS_Undergraduate_Major Blackboard page (deadline typically beginning of March).

2013 Awardee - Marisa Dockum - Edelman - Social Media Strategist

2012 Awardee - Tyler Borchers - Taking Points Memo in New York City


The Don Perris Endowed Scholarship helps students who have been offered an internship or are in the process of applying for an internship and need financial assistance. Students are eligible to apply for a $3,000 grant plus an additional $1,000 scholarship for the subsequent school year. The funding to help pay for your internship expenses is made possible through the Scripps College of Communication Don Perris Endowed Scholarship-Internship Fund. If you have an internship for Summer or Fall and would like to apply for this scholarship please visit the COMS_Undergraduate_Major Blackboard page (deadline typically end of March).


2013 - Tyler Borchers - Vox Media, Inc - Washington, D.C.; Samantha Smith - Colonial Williamsburg -Williamsburg, Virginia. 

2012 - Paul Bulucz - Crossover International - Romania; Abigail Millar - The Glover Park Group - Washington, D.C.