Jean Claude Kwitonda

I come from Rwanda. I did a Bachelor of Arts with Education (English Education) at Kigali Institute of Education in Rwanda in the Faculty of Arts and Languages.

After graduation in 2006, I became a Teaching Assistant in the same Faculty --in Kigali Institute of Education. Between 2005 and 2008, I worked as a consultant (copywriter) for an international NGO that uses social marketing to promote health behaviors.

Prior to joining Ohio University, I completed a Masters Degree (Msc) in Social and Educational Research Methods. In the fall of 2008, I joined Ohio University to do a second masters degree in Communication and Development Studies. After Graduation in 2010, I taught for two semesters as an Adjunct Faculty in Portsmouth, Ohio as part of my O.P.T (Optional Practical Training). I also participated in the 2010 forensics tournaments held in OU as a judge.

I am currently teaching introduction to communication theories, health communication, marketing and adverting communications, the art of public speaking in Rwandan Universities. My areas of research interest include various applications of narrative theories in the discourse of health and healing, health communication, communication and forensics pedagogy, cultural studies and communication research tools. In my free time, I enjoy playing or watching soccer (but with some good skills I posses in soccer, I often contemplate trying out American football as a kicker!)