Jessica Furgerson

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies from Western Kentucky University, where I have had the pleasure of building a strong foundation in the field of Communication. At WKU I also had the opportunity to receive my undergraduate certificate in Women’s Studies and cannot wait to develop my appreciation and understanding of both of these fields as a student at Ohio University.

My undergraduate career has already been filled with fulfilling research including an analysis of The National Organization for Women though a narrative lens and a critique of masculine messages within Centrum commercials. As a woman and a lover of the field of communication, I am eager to continue my exploration of the intersection between gender and communication.

At WKU I was honored to compete for their National and International Championship forensics team, where I earned several National and International titles in several speech and debate events including Impromptu and Lincoln Douglas Debate. I am so excited to work with the Speaking Bobcats of Ohio over the next four years and cannot wait to bring the National Championship home to Athens, Ohio.

In my free time, assuming I get any, I love to be outdoors with my family and friends. Cook and enjoy food from all over the world, watch movies, and simply relax. I’m a huge sports fan both college and professional, and love nothing more than a cook out and a good ball game with friends. As a southerner at heart, born and raised in Texas and having spent several years in Kentucky, I look forward to the snow, but more importantly I look forward to working with the talented faculty and staff at OU!