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Editor, starting February 2013, of Studies in American Humor








Director of Honors Tutorials

Lasher 113


Education: Ph.D., (English/American Studies) and M.A., (English), The University of Chicago; B.A. (English), Oberlin College.

Professional Experience: Visiting professor of Interpersonal Communication, Bangkok University; Assistant professor of English, City University of New York; executive director, Society for Literature and Science; past president, American Humor Studies Association; founding co-editor, Explorations in Media Ecology  (2001-2004); editor, Decodings: A Newsletter for the Society for Literature and Science (1992-94); book review editor, American Periodicals; associate editor, The Markham Review, visiting lecturer of English and American Studies, University of Helsinki (Finland); adjunct assistant professor of English and Media Arts, adjunct instructor of English, director of Conference on Science, Technology and Literature; faculty coordinator for Admissions, Long Island University (Brooklyn); instructor of Humanities, Illinois Institute of Technology; teaching intern in Humanities, University of Chicago; ward coordinator, United States presidential campaign (Chicago); traffic-analyst statistician, Field Enterprises Educational Corporation (Chicago).

Publications: Author of Defining "New Yorker" Humor (2000), Garrison Keillor: A Voice of America (1991), afterword to The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories (1996) in the Oxford Mark Twain, and co-editor of The Midwest (Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures, 2004) and Beyond the Two Cultures: Essays on Science, Technology and Literature (1990); three dozen articles in Communication and Cyberspace: Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment; Eye on the Future: Popular Culture Studies in the 21st Century; Essays in Arts and Sciences; Bibliography of United States Literature; Mark Twain Encyclopedia; American Literature and Science, Literature and Technology, Studies in American Humor; Editors' Notes; American Heritage of Invention and Technology; Publication of the Society for Literature and Science; Technology and Culture; New Brooklyn; Chicago Review; delivered numerous papers and addresses at national and international professional conferences.

Research Interests: literary rhetoric, American humor (literary, oral/radio, visual) Mark Twain, American media history (especially print and radio), rhetoric of science/technology (especially popular science, radio, and computer mediated communication).  Work in progress is Twain’s Brand:  Humor in Contemporary American Culture, on recent American graphic, performance, and literary humor in the context of the information economy.

Teaching Specialization:  American rhetoric & culture;rhetorical history & theory; media/technology & culture. Graduate courses: Special topics in rhetoric (visual narrative, rhetorical theory, rhetoric and electronic media, rhetoric of protest and reform, American humor); historical research methods in communication studies.