Justin Foote




I earned my BA in Communication Studies from St. Cloud State University in 2006. After a year off I decided to continue my education and earned an MA in Communication Studies from Miami University in 2011.

Although I am still finding my way toward a final area of study I am particularly interested in Social Media and Political Communication. I have progressed in a different direction than my Master's thesis, which focused on studentā€teacher interaction and the differences male and female students perceived when communicating with a teacher on Facebook, and have now dedicated the majority of my work to rhetoric. Additionally, I have become active in advancing my interest in the ways in which societies enact democracy and radical theories.

My time at Miami University provided me an opportunity to work with the speech and debate team and the impact this experience has had on my life is tremendous. Interacting with the students on the team makes each day rewarding. I look forward to growing as a coach and mentor with the Ohio University forensics team as I develop the skills to one day lead my own team. Beyond school and forensics, I am an avid hockey fan and movie buff with have an uncanny ability to remember odd (and mostly pointless) movie quotes. I also enjoy reading but this activity has taken a backseat for the moment. Lastly, since my girlfriend moved down to Athens, I have begun exploring the nearby hiking trails and recreation areas.