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Karen Greiner

I am interested in studying communication for social change. In short, how to change the world! The longer version involves the study of behavior modification theories, health communication theories and practices, communication for managing inter-ethnic conflict, and the entertainment-education approach to communication. This last is particularly interesting to me because I feel strongly that there are alternative ways to communicate for social change, using humor, theater, radio, song and performance, to name a few.

My background has been primarily in education and training. In January 2005 I received my Master’s degree in International Education from New York University,. In the past I’ve worn a variety of hats: I’ve been a consultant at an international development consulting firm, a Peace Corps volunteer (Cameroon, 1998-2000), a sportswear salesperson, a volleyball coach, an English tutor, and a host of other things that may seem too improbable to list here.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I received my Bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Comparative Area Studies. (1992) I’ve spent every thanksgiving dinner since then trying to explain to my family just what exactly that field of study was and how I was going to make a living with a crazy degree like that.

In my “off” time I like to listen to records, ride my rickety bike and dream of taxi rides in  far away places.