Kelli Lutz

I began my undergraduate degree in Organization Communications at Ohio University Southern Campus in 1993. I took a class (sometimes two) a quarter while raising three children. At the time, my biggest goal was to get the three of them through college while still keeping my own foot in the classroom. I'm happy to say that all three kids are OU grads and using their talents (and their degrees) in fields they enjoy.

After graduating from OU, I missed the formal learning process and enrolled in Marshall University earning my MA in Communication Studies in 2009. (In case you're wondering who I root for during football season, I wear green and white and cheer for the offense!) While at Marshall, I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to travel to outside the United States. The trip to India was particularly life changing, revealing a preference for ethnographic research and confirming my research interests lie in cultural and nonverbal communication.

When not studying, I enjoy visiting my family, watching old movies, and planning my next trip abroad