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Laura Russell

As a communication scholar, I find myself most drawn to theories of dialogue, narration, and cybernetics.  More specifically, I am interested in exploring the development of personhood and how selves are discursively understood through communicative processes. I am attentive to how individuals develop a sense of voice and language that speak to their lived experiences.  By adding my interest in cybernetics, I examine the systemic processes through which human relationships evolve.

My research perspective is largely influenced by my interests in temporality, particularly with how the past, present, and future dimensions of time coalesce in processes of sense making.  I am interested in exploring the constitutive nature of communicative patterns in social organizing and relational development. My research evokes renderings of the partialities and appearances that shape and inform meaningful constructions of social reality.

Through my theoretical and methodological interests I identify my primary track as in the field of relating and organizing.  In addition, I am pursuing a secondary interest in health communication to extend my passion towards human health and recovery.