Maíri Adams

LSHR 005

The educationally exciting first-year core program in the doctoral studies program in Communication Studies at Ohio University has enabled me to zero in on my current research interest. The strong grounding we are provided in both theory and methodology has been priceless. I am interested in researching how women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon) are socialized both as children and as adult converts. I am interested primarily in the impact conversion has on those who convert, but also on those whose cultural mindset may be at odds with their doctrine. Some previous research has been done seeking out the disaffected and portraying LDS women as misguided and downtrodden victims. As an adult convert, a female member and a communication scholar, I am uniquely positioned to address the issues at hand.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio. My husband, my three daughters and I moved to the Athens area in 1985. While rearing my family (three daughters and one son) has been my primary focus of choice for the past 35 years, I have managed to continue my education in varied ways. I am a McNair Scholar. I graduated from Ohio with a Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Feature Writing in 2007.

You’ll see my name spelled two different ways as I attempt to provide differentiation from the probable thousands of others who share my name (there are approximately six of us in Athens county alone—none of whom are related to me and one of whom shares my birthday as well). Maíri is the Scottish equivalent of Mary. The confusion my attempt at clarification has caused is, itself, a lesson in communication.

I enjoy my vintage recumbent bike, music, chocolate, children’s literature, writing and illustrating in varied media. I’m a mac, although I am fluent in PC as well. I’m a member of Athens Women Raise the Roof, a local Habitat for Humanity coalition. I like to camp with my son and hubby, and make annual trips to Vermont to see my three granddaughters and Utah to see my new grandson. I also travel frequently to visit my 87-year-old mother and my 86-year-old mother-in-law.