Maria Subert


I am a Hungarian media journalist, a member of the Hungarian TV and Film Artists’ Association, and the Hungarian Film and Television Alliance. Along with my husband, I produced multiple documentary films around the world.

After earning a BA in music, I started studying philosophy in Budapest in 1978, one year after Agnes Heller and Ferenc Feher, exiled members of the Budapest School, took up positions at The New School in New York City. My cultural heritage was their unique philosophy. I received my MA in Philosophy and Esthetics in 1987.

As a PhD student, I studied at Goethe University, Frankfurt from Karl-Otto Apel, Jürgen Habermas, and Richard Bernstein.

I came to the United States with my husband and two children in 1998, and shortly after, I realized the power of language and communication while teaching minority students. I started studying communication at Kingsborough College, New York, and decided to pursue a PhD in this field.

I am interested in investigating what the “stranger’s” function in a given linguistic and imaginary community is, and what kind of moral and ethical position he or she represents. I like to explore communication accross cultural boundaries. 

My favorite activities are reading, watching movies and producing documentaries.