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Mark Kokoska

Education:  I attended Lafayette College as an undergrad from 2004-2008.  During my time there I received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Mathematics.  These may seem mildly disassociated with my current pursuits, but don't worry I'll cover that in the background section.

Background: I spent Four years in high school and four years as an undergraduate competing in speech and debate, more colloquially referred to as forensics.  I competed in extemporaneous speaking for all eight of those years and in a smattering of other events in college including impromptu, duo interpretation and LD debate.  This background has granted me an entrance into some of the theory behind Communication Studies and a desire to explore its practical applications more fully.

Specialization Interest:  As a relative newcomer to the formal study of communication I am still getting my feet wet.  While scholarship directly pertaining to forensics is an logical path to follow I am still working on diversifying my research portfolio.