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Megan Dowd

Originally from Chicago, IL, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Michigan State University. After taking two years off to gain insight into the administrative world of academia, I continued my education at the University of Rhode Island, earning my Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies.

My research interests are varied and I am always open to learning and experiencing new ideas. Primarily, however, I am interested in interpersonal and small group communication. My Master's thesis dealt with turning point events found within the transition from friendship to a romantic relationship in cross-sex dyads. I have also conducted studies on the joint identity construct and its impact on dyadic withdrawal. I am looking forward to exploring in greater depth the world of small group communication while here at Ohio.  

I love people watching, exploring new places, naps, live music, and a good cup of coffee. And all of these things can be found on a daily basis here in Athens.