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Michelle Calka


My research interests are primarily focused in the area of computer-mediated communication; specifically, I am interested in the role of communication in social integration and community building in Massively Multiplayer Online Games. My most recent research focuses on the rhetoric of avatars' bodies, particularly the enactment of pacifism in the game World of Warcraft. While I'm in the Rhetoric and Public Culture track here, my work is strongly interdisciplinary. My other research interests include visual rhetoric in Northern Ireland, grounded theory, narrative theory, and hypertext. I currently teach courses in public speaking and group communication.

I am originally from Johnstown, PA, and received my B.A. in Digital Media Studies from Juniata College. Following that, I obtained my M.A. in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University's Telecommunications department, where I completed a thesis on factors of immersion in virtual game environments. Prior to coming to Ohio for my Ph.D., I worked in Chicago as a data warehousing consultant.