Moyi Jia

  LSHR 005

I come from Baoding, an old city in China which has a history of 3,000 years. After earning my B.A in Business Administration and English from my hometown university, I decided to continue my study in America where I can broaden my knowledge of the world, as well as go on hunting my real interest.
I feel so lucky that I got a chance to know and learn communication studies at Marietta College. This field is not well developed in China, but I believe it has tremendous potential and possibility to grow. My research interests focus on organizational communication, especially organizational culture (how a particular culture is established and consolidated, how the improvement of communication can influence the culture in an organization, etc). In addition, intercultural communication is also my favorite research area. My Master’s thesis, “Communication Audit for State Grid in Baoding”, is my first, and I believe a significant attempt to use an American research method on an Asian company.   
Besides studying, I never forget to enjoy my spare time. Basketball, soccer, games and travelling are all important part in my life. With the dream to travel around the U.S in three years, I find a new chapter in my life has just begun.