Nancy Regina Gomez Arrieta

Cultural practices are susceptible to transformation, and through the study of communication we can identify symbolic forms on which such practices are supported. My interest in pursuing a Doctorate in Communication with emphasis on the relationship between communication and culture is supported on this thesis, understanding communication as a means to build societies where justice is a value and communication is polyphonic.

My interest in communication and culture area arose during the development of my undergraduate thesis, "Woman in public: A pending story" (2001). This investigation was carried out through the methodology of structural analysis. The search for a polyphonic communication and my growing interest on the urban processes led me to explore the relationship between neighborhood, youth and women in my Masters’ Thesis from Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia).

I am sure that this Communication Ph.D. will help me to identify specific tools that will allow the development of cultural diversity to include and to respect all groups and areas of society. For me this is a great opportunity for my personal and professional life. I will share this experience with my child, Jose Alejandro and my husband Roberto.