Preparing for Non-Profit Opportunities

First Steps

  • Examine Alternate Structure/Title for Secondary Area
  • Research Courses in the Voinovich School
  • Examine Existing Certificate Programs that might Support Your Interest
    • Contemporary History
    • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
    • Gerontology
    • Health Care Services Administration
    • Health Policy
    • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    • Women's Studies

Second Steps

  • Contact Directors of Certificate Programs
  • Contact Director of Voinovich School
  • Attend Programming of Academic Support Units
    • Diversity Center
    • Women's Center
    • GLBTQ Center
    • Office of Sustainability
    • Institutional Advancement
    • Communications and Marketing
    • Kennedy Museum
    • Leadership and Staff Development

Third Steps

  • Volunteer with Community Organizations
  • Apply for Graduate Assistantship Opportunities in Academic Support Units
  • Assist in Programming by Academic Support Units
  • Research Post-Doc Opportunities
  • Research Fellowship Opportunities (esp. CLS Award)
  • Contact College Grant-Writer for Application Help

Fourth Steps and Beyond

  • Apply to Post-Doc Opportunities
  • Apply to Relevant Fellowships