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Sarah Guthrie earned her Bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature from Northwestern University with an emphasis on 20th century French, German and Russian literature. She has lived in the Athens area for 24 years; raising children, founding an experimental intentional community, teaching preschool and special education, working as a singer/songwriter, storyteller, writer and theater creator, and generally indulging her creative bent.

Her first Masters degree from Ohio University was in Special Education, which she followed with further work to gain a certificate in Early Childhood Education. When she left public school teaching in 2008, she pursued a Masters degree in Journalism at OU Scripps School in order to indulge her love of writing and reasoning.

After completing her Master's thesis on Alison Owings, second-wave feminism, broadcast news writing, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show, she spent three years as the primary caregiver for a close relative in the end stages of COPD. Seeking to understand this process, she delved into the topic of Death and Dying and began the research that she hopes will guide her through her exploration of the field of Communication Studies.

Sarah lives near Albany on 90 acres of swamp, woods, and rock cliffs with her husband, dogs, cats, chickens and goldfish. Her son graduated from OU in 2012 with a degree in technical theater and her daughter is an Honors Tutorial Scholar at George Mason University in Chinese and Economics. Sarah enjoys kayaking local lakes with one of her dogs as co-pilot, hiking the trails on her property, and practicing and teaching yoga for all ages and body types.