Sawitree Cheevasart

My name is Sawitree Cheevasart. You can call me Pup. I come from Bangkok Thailand. I graduated with my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Communication Arts.

During my leisure time, I like to seeing movies and sleeping. Actually the best moment for me is when I take the rest in my house and take a look at my trees, flowers and grass. It is my simple happiness.

At present, I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication Technology at Rajamangala University of Technology - Phra Nakhon. I conduct course in Writing for Advertising and Public Relations and in Persuasive Communication. I have just finished the research project about image of my Faculty. This research is to develop and improve the Faculty overview. Recently, I have started researching students’ behaviors while using Facebook. It is becoming a highly popular trend all over the world.

Conducting academic research and lecturing in the university make my life go slower. Instead of contacting to customer, I pay more attention to my students. Of course, it seems that the latter is not as challenging, exciting and interesting as the first one, but for me, I am proud and really enjoy with what I am doing. I feel like it has been only a moment, but I have been teaching for three years. I love my job and think that I will continuously stay with it.

I started looking for my career advancement and decided to obtain the further degree of the Ph.D. of Communication at Bangkok University. It is an interesting program, as it is a joint degree with Ohio University. Now, my life goes faster and faster with my study. Working and studying together are not an easy task; however, I wish I could survive to achieve that worthy experience.

Fall 2011-Fall 2012 is also an important period for me because I have to go to Ohio University to complete my coursework. So far, I have passed many courses from many professors. I have learned many new things in the communication field from them. Although I have not made up my mind about the research topic for my dissertation, I definitely discover it soon at OU, the source of knowledge. This is my first time studying abroad and I am looking forward to gaining the challenging experience. See you there…