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As one of the oldest doctoral programs in the field of communication, our community seeks to recognize scholars who, by virtue of their work, significantly impact how we conceptualize and practice communication.  To that end, our school sponsors two awards to recognize outstanding scholarly efforts of colleagues from around the world: The Paul H. Boase Prize and the Elizabeth G. Andersch Award.

Awards for Students

We also have several awards, most of which have resulted from generous donations from friends, colleagues, and alumni of the school, to recognize the outstanding work of our graduate and undergraduate students.  Those awards include:

  • Paul H. Boase Family Rhetorical Scholarship Award:  This award is given in honor of Dr. Paul Boase, first director of the school, 1968-1990.  Awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student specializing in the study of rhetoric. 
  • Judy C. Pearson Graduate Award: Established by former faculty member Judy Pearson to support a graduate student or students who does outstanding research in gender or family communication.
  • Dorothy and Larry Schey Endowed Scholarship:  Given to graduate students demonstrating leadership and service to the community.
  • Karen and Roger Deardorff Graduate Travel Fund Award:  Established by Ph.D. alumnus Karen Deardorff and her husband Roger.  The award supports an MA or Phd student who is presenting a paper or panel at a conference.  
  • Terry Conry and Lynn John Student Conference Award:  Awarded to offset partial expenses incurred for attending a conference where the awardee’s paper has been accepted for presentation.  Level of conference activity and GPA are used as criteria.