Shelley Kimrey

I completed my BA at the University of West Florida and my MA at Ball State University. My professors have encouraged my inclination to gravitate towards culturally significant mediated texts and develop critical readings of those texts.

Because of this inclination towards mediated, popular culture texts, as well as power and oppression, several feminist and rhetorical media scholars have influenced my perspective. My goal for obtaining a PhD is to eventually teach rhetoric and communication theory, and possibly direct a Forensic Team myself.

These goals are rooted in the desire to force theory into motion by allowing students who may not have otherwise been exposed to the educational evolution that communication studies offers to be apart of that journey. This is my goal because I know firsthand the impact communication educators can have on a student. Without these educators in my own life, I probably would not be in the fortunate position I am today in that I have the ability to pursue my education. I want to allow others to have this same opportunity and your program would provide me with the best skills possible to achieve this goal.

My goal is also to use my scholarship to expand perceptions within the field of what constitutes significant texts for analysis and stress a continued relevance for a feminist perspective.