Stevie Munz


I completed a double BA in Communication and German studies at Northern Illinois University and my MA in Communication Studies at Illinois State University. While maintaining an interculturally driven focus, my research interests include: examining subtle forms of intolerance globally, political engagement, and communication education.

My research interests have been fostered by professors who have encouraged by love for critical and interpretative examinations of intercultural contexts.

While at Illinois State University I instructed the Basic Course and I served as the supervisor for our Speech Lab Resource Center.

After receiving my PhD I hope to continue teaching and encouraging students to become active members of their university and global community.

When I am not teaching or researching I enjoy trying out new restaurants and keeping up with my passion for Sushi. I am an avid foodie, who enjoys good coffee, red wine, and good conversations. I am incredibly excited about attending Ohio University in the fall and I look forward to getting to know you all better.