Timothy P. McKenna

Timothy P. McKenna

Doctoral Candidate
Claude E. Kantner Fellow

Lasher Hall 211
43 W. Union
Athens, OH 45701

P: (740) 743-6258
F: (740) 593-4810


Timothy P. McKenna specializes in the interpersonal and relational dynamics of life (in organizational and health contexts). Prior to attending Ohio University, Tim attended Illinois State University (ISU). He received his M.S. from ISU in 2010, studying the significance of social support during organizational disengagement, specifically retirement, studying under Dr. Sandra Metts. Tim's research has been presented at regional and national conferences, he has collaborated with colleagues and received top paper and panel awards; he has been published in Communication Education, Health Communication (forthcoming)and Communication Teacher (forthcoming), as well as several co-authored book chapters.

Teaching is very important to Tim. "The moments when I see my students take a step back and the “thicket opens up before us” or when they ask questions that expose “uncharted territory,” these moments remind me that each day I am given this amazing opportunity to help students learn and grow." Tim is passionate about helping students recognize their true potential. He has been an active participant in developing and fostering Great Ideas for Teaching Students (G.I.F.T.S.) sessions at both regional and national conferences. And he remains an active member in the Basic Course and Instructional Development Division at NCA, and has participated on many pedagogical panels, and attended the last Annual Basic Course Director’s Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Dissertation: Communicating “out” at work: Exploring co-cultural theory in the context of organizational socialization for gay and lesbian employees. Research funded by the Claude E. Kantner Fellowship ($14,488, plus tuition).

My dissertation research explores the intersection of difference (or diversity) and organizational life, focused on the ways individuals who identify as gay or lesbian communicatively navigate difference in the workplace. I am interested in the ways narratives empower identity and the stories that create, maintain, and change individuals’ lived experience.

Specialties: Interpersonal and Relational Communication, Organizational Communication, Pedagogy, and Qualitative Research Methods.